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MicroTrak Rule

Another industry first from Zimmer. This proprietary, flat or rotary crease rule reduces score cracking, increases overall score effectiveness and improves sheet control and dimensional accuracy. This innovative crease rule is in essence “corrugated,” so as to create up and down “waves” on the rule face. Multiple, smoothly machined indentations, “breakup” the surface of the crease face that contacts the stock. Simply put, MicroTrak “pushes” on the stock initially with the “tops” of the wave, while simultaneously presenting a “relief” area to that pushing action, with the relieved portion, or”valleys,” between the “tops”. By breaking up the contact area, MicroTrak can reduce the stresses and the cracking so often associated with conventional creasing. MicroTrak has been used successfully in both flat and rotary applications and is currently being used all over the world.

Combination Rule

Zimmer custom manufactures all of their combination cut and crease to the tightest tolerance for height and gullet depth. Available is 2, 3, and 4 point, Zimmer can supply a combination rule for any application. When ordering combination rule, (also referred to as perf score and cut-crease), please provide the following information:   a. Cut Height   b. Crease Height   c. Thickness   d. Tooth Width   e. Gullet Depth   f. Form (lengths or coils)

Wave Rule

When diecutting cartons for use in hand packing operations, paper cuts must be a concern. Zimmer wave rule is designed to leave the diecut blank with a safety edge that helps reduce paper cuts. You can choose between styles of edge wave patterns in 2, 3, or 4 point thickness. Unless otherwise specified, Zimmer wave rule is made from medium hard steel.


MicroNik solves three major problems commonly associated with conventional diemaking and diecutting. MicroNik also resolves nicking problems, replacing old-fashioned manual nicking with a choice of patterned, virtually invisible .007” micronicks. The three most important advantages of MicroNik are:
• Increased press speeds: 10, 20, 30%, and higher increases. Often allows full press speed • The absolute ultimate in product appearance and feel: nicks are virtually invisible and undetectable. • MicroNik requires no changes in basic diemaking and diecutting procedures.


MicroMax is Zimmer’s third generation, state of the art microperforation rule. Some applications include multi-part forms, card stock, packaging materials, and other heavyweight stock, as well as ultra-demanding single part or ultra-thin applications. In addition to business form applications, MicroMax also delivers new and exciting applications in packaging, diecutting, diemaking, and much, much more! Offering superior engineering plus a wide choice of tooth patterns means that folding performance and edge appearance can be optimized, yet perf strength can be maintained. Teeth are square, .020” deep, and sleekly beveled to 21º to minimize material displacement. MicroMax is available in a full range of TPI patterns: 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 TPI, and a Zimmer exclusive, 100 TPI! (100 TPI pattern manufactured in our .010” depth). Use MicroMax, and profit with the ultimate microperforating rule from Zimmer industries.